Graphomania – Matteo Nasini

23 September 2022-10 January 2023

SUTURA opens with a reflection on the theme of listening. Starting from the doctor-patient relationship and the infinite signals that our body continually sends us and which we are not always able to read, it was chosen to present Matteo Nasini’s research in an exhibition entitled Grafomaniae.

The artist’s research comes from music, perceived and interpreted as phisical matter. Through sculptures, performances, embroideries and sound installations, Nasini restores hypothetical forms to sound and attributes sounds to the “invisible forms” that pervade everyday life: the dream, the earth, the space become a source of sounds that the artist translates, processes and writes, giving volume, physicality and a voice to what we do not see, but which makes up reality.

Grafomaniae presents five new works, five scores that make us reflect on the grammars and languages ​​that enrich the dialogue with the sensitive world. The scores represent the graphic translation of the complex processes underlying some of his projects: Welcome Wanderer, Mediterranean Sonata, Sparkling Matter. In addition to the scores, some elements of these three projects are exhibited within the space of SUTURA and the IFT (Istituto Fisicoterapico Torino), chosen to introduce the artist’s work on the relationship between phenomenon, perception and linguistic research.

SUTURA is a space for research and promotion for contemporary art that intercepts and interprets the relationship between health and culture. It was born from the will of Virginia Moniaci and the ISTITUTO FISICOTERAPICO TORINO, from its history and from the deep connection with scientific experimentation.

SUTURA is curated by qwatz. The challenges of medicine, the relationship with our senses, the many stories that manifest themselves within the clinics are observed by the artists to build imaginaries, relationships, listening.

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