SUTURA is a space for contemporary art in Turin that investigates the relationship between culture, health and well-being. Founded by Virginia Moniaci and curated by qwatzcontemporary art platform, SUTURA was born in dialogue with the IFT-Istituto Fisicoterapico di Torino , Piedmontese rehabilitation and diagnostic center, for more than 120 years committed to assisting people in health issues.

With SUTURA, Virginia Moniaci wanted to combine her managerial path with her passion for art and she chose qwatz to decline her business in the medical field with contemporary art.

qwatz develops a program of exhibitions to reflect on the relationship between culture and health, to discuss needs, fragility, fears and needs that manifest themselves around the theme of personal and social well-being. The creative process, the artists’ research and their look at the specificities of the productive world and services become a dynamic and innovative tool through which to tell identity, create internal and external relations to the company, and experiment with tools for analysis and dialogue on specific needs and identities.

The artists chosen by SUTURA to exhibit works, perform and organize workshops, are called to confront the activity of the Institute. Artistic research is directed towards IFT patients and healthcare staff, with the aim of bringing them closer to the language of contemporary art. Artists build imaginaries, relationships and paths as devices of listening and mutual enrichment. During the exhibitions, a selection of works by the artists involved is also exhibited in some rooms of the IFT, where art meets a heterogeneous audience and promotes different tools for personal growth and sharing.

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