qwatz is a production and research platform for contemporary art based in Rome. Since 2007 qwatz organizes residences for artists and develops cultural projects in dialogue with institutions and museums.

Our work:
→ assisting artists in the production of their projects and in the development of their research.
→ favoring the comparison between artists, curators and collectors in Italy and abroad.
→ enhancing the circuit of contemporary art in Rome with exhibitions, debates and workshops.
→ using art as a tool for communication, innovation and social and cultural study.

We have collaborated over time with national and international organizations, developing a wide network of art and culture professionals.

We believe that the artists’ abilities to create images and objects, to build relationships and to communicate contents are a great resource for individuals and businesses. The sections traveLcontemporary ROME and business of qwatz develop dedicated services in dialogue with artists and curators.

qwatz is a partner of RESIDENZAITALIA, a network of Italian and international residences created by the FARE association of Milan.


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