Spazio Senza Tempo

Veronica Cruciani, John Cascone, Luca Grimaldi

A three-day program which – from 21st to 23rd October – brings performance and contemporary art to Monterotondo.

The theater director and actress Veronica Cruciani, the performer, visual artist and videomaker John Cascone, and the visual artist Luca Grimaldi dialogue in the creation of a project around CineMancini, working on its identity, the context in which it is located, and the relationship with the public.

Public art, relational art and participatory art activate the production of common imaginaries by bringing out elements of social representation through which we can recognize each other and dialogue. The expression of the collective imagination – absorbed by cinematographic narration in the last century – is experiencing a close comparison with the latest generation media, which offer the possibility of telling oneself and everyday life to a potentially vast audience, as if our lives could continually be on stage.

SPAZIO SENZA TEMPO explores the relationship between the public and cinematographic imagery, activating some scenes from famous films in everyday life, and reflecting on the sense of the narrative potential of our lives. The Cruciani-Cascone duet will be the author of a series of performances conducted by a group of actors in some strategic spaces around the cinema, to bring the world of cinema outside of the cinema.

In the meantime, the entrance niche of the CineMancini will be transformed into a possible stage rethought by Luca Grimaldi’s painting. This stage will be enriched by a series of works by John Cascone designed for the external windows of the cinema on themes such as: identity, social relations, reality and fiction.

The video entitled L’ignoto lo Sconosciuto, l’Altrove, created by Cruciani-Cascone, will be screened inside CineMancini.

SPAZIO SENZA TEMPO was born with the relaunch of CineMancini, recently taken over by FOLIAS as a relationship tool with its users. The communicative and narrative power of cinema and its authors is in fact a working tool for FOLIAS operators to argue and raise public awareness towards issues of aggregation, integration and reflection on personal and social growth.

We thank the following Monterotondo bar and restaurants for their generous participation in the project:

Bar Bellavista, 33 rpm, Bar Roma, Papel, Tsopel, Vixio, Bohemien, Moonshine Lounge bar, Fermento 21, Enoyca and Masca.


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