Be pART | Road Show UNICAS

How to develop the dialogue between contemporary art and business? Be part is a training course and production on the relationship between creativity and the world of work, funded by the call ORIENTATION AND PLACEMENT YOUNG TALENTS of the “Presidency of the Council of Ministers Department of Youth and National Civil Service“. It involved high school and university students, three companies in the territories of Cassino and Monterotondo – SKF, Progemec and Tipografia Balzanelli – and 3 artists, selected within the contemporary scene oriented to research and socio-cultural analysis of the present: Anna Franceschini, Ivana Spinelli and Eugenio Tibaldi.

Conceived and curated by qwatz, the project was realized by FOLIAS and ImprendiLab of “Università di Cassino e del Lazio Meridionale”.

Since October 2019, 500 young people aged between 15 and 28 years of the Lazio Region have been involved in a training course that has led to the selection of 30, then called to collaborate with artists on design proposals designed based on the needs of the companies. The course dealt with several themes: self-entrepreneurship, the structuring and validation of an entrepreneurial idea, the logic of a team’s relationship, individual orientation, the detection of the needs of a company, historical and contemporary experiences on the dialogue between art and companies, the possibilities of using contemporary art in response to the needs of a company.

The final phase of the course saw the 30 students, divided into 3 groups, each of which joined one of the artists involved in the realization of a project within the 3 companies: Anna Franceschini for Progemec, Ivana Spinelli for Tipografia Balzanelli, Eugenio Tibaldi for SKF (Cassino headquarters). The roadshow, in collaboration with Cosilam – Consortium for the Industrial Development of Southern Lazio is designed to bring the public into contact with the artists’ gaze on companies, in the same will be illustrated projects made with artists.

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