Mare Magnum Nostrum – Hulu Split

Mare Magnum Nostrum is a project by the artist Gea Casolaro, curated by Leonardo Regano, promoted by the Regional Directorate Museums of Emilia-RomagnaRomagna in collaboration with Hulu – Split and realized thanks to the support of Italian Council (8th edition, 2020)programme to promote Italian contemporary art in the world of the Directorate General for Contemporary Creativity of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and for Tourism.

The project has a participatory work on the theme of the Mediterranean.

From 12 to 26 November 2020, in the South-East Tower of Diocletian’s Palace in Split (Croatia), home to temporary exhibitions, in collaboration with Hulu – Split.

The work reproduces on the wall of the exhibition space the map of the coasts of the Mediterranean. The environmental installation invites the public to create a photographic archive of the Mediterranean, with photos of holidays, landscapes, news, rituals, departures, taken in any era. These images will be used inside the installation, in correspondence of the lines of coast represented in the photos. More specifically, the composition of the coasts through photographs reinterprets in a contemporary key the concept of mosaic: participated, shared, made through a multiplicity of looks.

Every person, every country, every small sea area is in fact a piece of this huge mosaic that, with its diversity and concordances, will come to create a new choral representation of our “common” Sea.

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