Esercizi di Bellezza

  • 2017

qwatz collaborates with FOLIAS Cooperativa Sociale on the project ‘Esercizi di Bellezza‘.

Produced by Folias, the project is part of the offer of brand identity proposed by qwatz business to cooperatives and companies that choose to adopt contemporary art as a distinctive language to promote their work. ‘Esercizi di Bellezza’ uses art as a tool to redevelop the urban fabric and social cohesion. The project, rich in activities organized by FOLIAS aimed at the local community, takes on the beauty, as an index of care and enhancement of places and people, with a main theme.



  • A mural all along the perimeter of the youth gathering center Il Cantiere di Monterotondo Scalo (Rome), historical site of FOLIAS activity, executed by Millo,  internationally renowned Italian street artist. Curatorship by qwatz.
    The video documentary Il Cantiere – waiting for Millo on the twenty years of activity of Il Cantiere on the occasion of its restyling. Curatorship by qwatz.

Image: Millo, mural 2017.

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