Metropolitan Oxygen

  • 2018

*** qwatz_BIZ project ***

From 24th to 29th of September, street artist Tellas will develop a workshop in Monterotondo Scalo (Rome) to realize a collective wall about identity of periphery and its contemporary transformation.

The workshop is realized within the project RIGenerAzioni: musica&street art al MONTEROCKTONDO 2018 – promoted by Folias, supported by MiBACT and SIAE – project “Sillumina – Copia privata per i giovani per la cultura”; this project is the occasion to work toghether with one of the most famous Italian street artist, at international and national level.

The aim is to tell new generations’ life, fears, anger, dreams and loves through art, to give a voice to big changes within the social tissue of Italian peripheries and  provinces, related with migrations.

Tellas will realize also its own wall.

The project is produced by Folias, a social enterprise working for more than 20 years to promote active citizenship, and offering social services to personal grouth, social intergation and improvement of the quality of life. Folias realizes interventions about prevention, awareness,   social group works, orientation, training and working inclusion.
the workshop is curated by Rosa Ciacci (art historian and curator) for qwatz, platform for contemporary art, in collaboration with Anna Chiara Anselmi (art historian) for Folias.

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