Ursula Biemann – Workshop

  • 2007

Workshop with Ursula Biemann

“There’s no doubt that projecting oneself into the other is essential when a carrying out a critical analysis of anthropology, art and politics. […] Of course, there are some dangers, […] because projecting oneself into the other can become a narcissistic practise of compromise.”
(translation from Hal Foster, L’artista come etnografo. First published in The Return of the Real: the Avant-garde at the End of the 20th Century, 1996, MIT).

The workshop explored the concepts of connective space and mobility, analysed by Ursula Biemann in the project The Maghreb Connection. During this encounter artists, photographers, filmmakers, writers and musicians reworked these themes. Davide Franceschini on the other hand tackles the theme of refugees and the images of immigration seen through different media, with a focus on the particular situation in Italy.

The workshop was conceived and curated by qwatz and included in the VI edition of the TekFestival. It was held in the main space of 1:1projects in piazza Scipione Ammirato 1/C, Rome.

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