Restart Innovation

  • 2016

26 May, at the Forum della Ricerca di Cassino.

qwatz – contemporary art platform intervenes with the artist Donato Piccolo at the FORUM DELLA RICERCA DI CASSINO on the relationship between art and business.

Art and creativity in Companies
. As a case study and successful on the subject, OFFICINE TAMBORRINO, a Pugliese design brand, is presented.

Marina Bianchi, Professor of Creative Economics at the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio.
Danilo Grossi, Councilor for Culture, Sport, Entertainment, Youth Policies, Public Education, Computerization, Communication of the Municipality of Cassino.
Licio Tamborrino and Alessandra Gracco as OFFICINE TAMBORRINO.
qwatz – contemporary art platform with the artist Donato Piccolo.

The work of Donato Piccolo, Roman artist (1976), has always stood out for his mixture of aesthetics, scientific theories, robotics and technology.

Image: Donato Piccolo, The Birth of the Sky, 2014, drawing and mini-neon on card board, 120×201 cm.

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