Masashi Echigo

  • 2010

Masashi Echigo, IMMANENCE   |   25 September – 20 November 2010
In collaboration with the e x t r a s p a z i o gallery Masashi Echigo realised the project IMMANENCE for the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome.
“The installation, both a physical and mental construction, positioned on the steps leading up to the main entrance and spilling over into part of the garden next to the National Gallery, connects with the gallery and its identity – a site containing memories of the past and an archive of objects from the history of art over the past two centuries. Beginning with the elements that the artist has plucked from chaos, Masashi has developed a new approach to creativity which prompts the contemporary observer to explore new possible ways of thinking.” Angelandreina Rorro, curator of the project.

Masashi Echigo, STORIES   |   27 September – 15 November 2010
The exhibition STORIES, curated by Emilia Giorgi for the e x t r a s p a z i o gallery, brings together a series of work by Masashi Echigo, that have grown from his analysis of the city of Rome during his qwatz – contemporary art platform residence.
“Masashi Echigo studies and analyses the city while out on long explorative strolls. These observations then become the bedrock of his work. Accompanied by ordinary people or experts who may direct or inspire his research, he systematically collects views, emotions, and impressions during his trip, snapping photos, eking out ‘clues’, picking up objects or simply borrowing materials. Slowly the archive takes on different forms in the artist’s mind. And now and then they are presented to the visitors of his exhibitions as stage-like pieces that span art and architecture.” Emilia Giorgi.

Image: Masashi Echigo, Immanence, Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna di Roma, 2010

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