Common Place – Stefania Migliorati

The third SUTURA exhibition, in collaboration with the Istituto Fisicoterapico Torino, focuses on the concept of identity through the lenses of technoscience, biotechnology and artificial intelligence. The intersection between human, natural and artificial includes a very vast range of actions summarized in man’s intervention on nature and in the use of different techniques, in order to increase one’s well-being. Always the subject of moral, economic, social and cultural reflections, these actions update from time to time the identity parameters around which each generation questions itself and repositions itself: what are the borders we are crossing today? What will be the new ones? How can we navigate the divide between cyborg and natural identities?

In LUOGO COMUNE – title of the exhibition – Stefania Migliori presents several paintings that portray a selection of animals: the chameleon, the snake, the goat, the horse, etc. Each of them was imagined in a cyborg key, through the insertion of details into the body that refer to mechanical and robotic prostheses and biotechnology interventions, applied to achieve the enhancement of specific functions of the subject.

These “visual provocations” are linked to the research that the artist has been developing for some years around the concept of de-extinction, and to the reflections on the practices of reintroduction and ecological replacement created to regulate and control wild fauna, species, evolution.

Based on the renewed questions about the relationship between our scientific progress and their sustainability, Migliorati creates an imaginary that helps us visualize a world made of grafts, coexistence, transversality, on the border between technology and fantastic manipulation.

Is the human body that we all embody on the same Earth commonplace? Is it the Earth itself, on which we live? Or the belief that a solution will surely be found?

SUTURA is a space for research and promotion for contemporary art that intercepts and interprets the relationship between health and culture. It was born from the will of Virginia Moniaci and the ISTITUTO FISICOTERAPICO TORINO, from its history and from the deep connection with scientific experimentation.

SUTURA is curated by qwatz. The challenges of medicine, the relationship with our senses, the many stories that manifest themselves within the clinics are observed by the artists to build imaginaries, relationships, listening.

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