Marco Strappato

November – December 2015

In November and December 2015 qwatz – contemporary art platform hosts the artist Marco Strappato. His project “Over Yonder” – realized during the residency – is presented and curated by The Gallery Apart on December the 11.

Strappato’s work deals with the production and distribution of images in the modern age, through a multidisciplinary practice consisting of collage, video, photography and installation. The specific interest for the landscape images – with an extended meaning – is part of a more general research aimed to understand the aesthetic experience of our times (within what is defined the consumer culture), tackling rhetoric debates of authenticity and inauthenticity, exotic and familiar, artificial and natural. The sculptural side of Strappato’s work is based on an utilitarian relationship with the objects that are part of his installations. Whether they are plinths, concrete beams, marble sphere or video screens, these objects always play an ancillary role compared to the primary objective, that of the assimilation of the image and of its reproduction based on new meanings.

Image: Marco Strappato, ‘Over Yonder’, 2015, The Gallery Apart, Rome.

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